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Poster ICAIA 2015


ICAIA 2015

Title: ICAIA 2015
Location: IPBCC
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Description: Empowering Innovative Agroindustry for Natural Resource, Bioenergy and Food Sovereignty

Agro-industry transforms agricultural commodities into high value-added products. Based on Food and Agriculture Organization, agro-industry is defined as the subset of manufacturing sector that processes raw materials and intermediate products derived from agriculture, fisheries and forestry. Agro-industrial sector include manufacturers of food, beverages and tobacco, textiles and clothing, wood products and furniture, paper, paper products and printing, and rubber and rubber products.

However, with changing global demand and technology advancement, innovative agro-industry is needed in order to be competitive as well as sustainable. The challenge of future agro-industry is not merely efficiency and productivity anymore, but also the challenge to appropriately apply frontier technology as well as meeting future global demands.

Agro-industry needs to deal with the application of advance technologies and cope future global issues. Current global issues which arise and expected to exist in the future are food sovereignty, renewable energy, sustainable water management and pharmacy. The ability of agro-industry to respond to future global issues and the undoubtedly substantial increase in demand in future decades will be highly dependent on the increased application of existing technologies as well as the exploitation of new and innovative technologies.

The emergence of high technology could be applied in the agro-industry are : nanotechnology, biotechnology, bioinformatics, food processing, food packaging-waste, state-of-the-art computation and many others. The aforementioned high-technology along with computation technology could greatly advance agro-industry from a traditional system into a smart-intelligent and innovative technology. Therefore, in the new millennia, adaptive-intelligent and innovative agro-industry will contribute to solutions to global problems and brings agriculture into perfection.
Start Date: 2015-08-03
End Date: 2015-08-04